New Point of View

We are convinced, that in today’s world, humanity, the bottom line, growth and sustainability, fairness and competition are not unbridgeable opposites, rather foundations for a long-term and successful development of companies and national economies.



We are of the opinion, that it is the task of each individual to take on responsibility. Responsibility for our interaction with others, with knowledge and natural resources, for the consequences of decisions made and our own actions, responsibility for success as well as defeat.



We believe that value-oriented leadership is a prerequisite for the sustained success of organisations. We see leadership as a service that senior management renders for its fellow employees and staff.


Change of Perspective

We are convinced that thinking, planning and interacting can only bring optimal results, if it is based on differing structures and perspectives, while taking a variety of interests and scenarios into consideration.


Added Value and Benefits

It is the goal of all business transactions to provide added value, therefore enabling profit – and only those who implement these benefits and values work responsibly for the individual, the company and society.



We believe in the innovative and productive strength of teams. The basis is a trusting cooperation with our clients, as well as with a team-oriented cooperation with a variety of personalities and competencies, which lead to viable and sustainable results.



We feel that fairness, respect and mutual appreciation must be the basis of all transactions. In order to achieve this, rules, contracts and agreements are just as necessary as generosity, honesty and good will.